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Batik has its roots as an acient craft acheived through resisit dyeing leading to inticuate to bold, unpredicatble txtures and colours. Batik designs can be as simple or complex, realistic or abstarct as you desire. With plenty of room to play, experiement on fbaric and paper.

We're fascinated by the processes of layering and protecting layers of beauty underneath the wax. There's a freedom and immediacy of working with wax and dye simialr to watercolour painting and acrylic painting.

We like to encourage you to welcome the 'versatlity' element of batik where the image more often than not reveals itself gradually within the built up layers. It's only towards the end of the process that you'll see all the discrpancies and unplanned that you cannot account for


We don't get to hung up on what is typically percieved as 'right and wrong' creatively and embrace the play and unknown. Batik is such a flexible process, and nearly everytime results in beautiful patterns, both bold and delicate, even if you're just starting out.

— Lala

We offer Individual & Collaborative Batik Projects

In these workshops you'll:

  • discover the history of batik
  • how to use the wax melting equipment and various methods of application
  • You'll explore specialised techniques and develop your imagery on a variety of paper and fabric, gaining an understanding towards how to create batiks suitable for clothing, home accessories, fine art and gifts.
  • Leave with your own experiemental and final image , or a completed huge group batik piece.

So what is batik?

Batik involves layering hot wax through brushing or drawing with a chanting tool and using dyes to create dynamic to intricate patterns and images. The areas covered in wax resist the dye and keep their original colour. In essence, the wax protects what is underneath, and will only be revealed when all the wax is removed to unveil the completed image. The process of waxing and dyeing can be repeated multiple times for more complex images. 

Contemporary batik, while owing much to the past, is markedly different from the more traditional and formal styles. For example, the artist may use etching, discharge dyeing, stencils, different tools for waxing and dyeing, wax recipes with different resist values and work with silk, cotton, wool, leather, paper or even wood and ceramics.



Features and Benefits ADULTS & CHILDREN

The process is intuitive and self learning and have found both adults and kids as young as three captivated by the swirling colours. It is relaxing.



When is your next workshop?

Find out when and where our next workshop is taking place by visiting our shop. We advertise the upcoming workshops on ... and on ..... If you want to be amongst the first to know, you can sign up to our newsletter below to stay updated and never miss out! Our workshops have a limited number in order to offer an experimental and spacious environment. As based in Cornwall or workshops are mainly based in this area, happy to travel to new environments.

Do you have a schools or group package?

We do we host day workshop package for schools- get in touch.

Do you host private workshops?

Yes, we can! Have birthday, hen do, or want to host a colourful event? We arrange private workshops - both here in Cornwall and elsewhere. It's dependant on our availability so please email us if you'd like to know more!


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