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We're fascinated by processes that can't be completely controlled. We like to encourage you to welcome the 'out-of-contol' element of marbling as you watch and respond to the dance of the colours on the surface of the water. The water remains in a constant state of flux making it impossible to 'fix' an artwork until the moment you chose to print.

We don't get to hung up on what is typically percieved as 'right and wrong' creatively and embrace the play and unknown. Marbling is such a forgiving process, and nearly everytime results in beautiful patterns, both bold and delicate, even if you're just starting out.

The marbling workshop really helped me see how our percieved ‘mess’
can be a beautiful work of art. Thank you so much!




                              RINSE & REPEAT

                             RINSE & REPEAT


We offer paper and fabric marbling workshops

We currently teach both Ebru and Suminagashi on paper and fabric. In both types of workshops you'll:

  • discover the history of marbling
  • how you can set-up your own pop-up marbling studio in your home
  • Leave with your own stash of marbled pieces.

So what is marbling?

Marbling is a broad term for... Bascially the technique involves dropping coloured paint on the the surface of the water. The two types of marbling we focus on are Turkish Ebru marbling and Japanese Suminagashi.


Ebru Marbling

Turkish, books, thickened liquid for more control of pattern,Rather than a more traditional approach we'll encourge you to use residual...

Suminagashi Marbling

Japanese, on water, ink, traditionally concentric circles, additional of air disturbance, vibrations, any type of movement


Features and Benefits

The process is intuitive and self learning and have found both adults and kids as young as three captivated by the swirling colours. It is relaxing.



When is your next workshop?

Find out when and where our next workshop is taking place by visiting our shop. We advertise the upcoming workshops on ... and on ..... If you want to be amongst the first to know, you can sign up to our newsletter below to stay updated and never miss out! Our workshops have a limited number in order to offer an experimental and spacious environment. As based in Cornwall or workshops are mainly based in this area, happy to travel to new environments.

Do you have a schools or group package?

We do we host day workshop package for schools- get in touch.

Do you host private workshops?

Yes, we can! Have birthday, hen do, or want to host a colourful event? We arrange private workshops - both here in Cornwall and elsewhere. It's dependant on our availability so please email us if you'd like to know more!


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