I have found ColourRiot to be inspirational and therapeutic. After many years away from art, I have found attending ColourRiot has got my creativity flowing again and I look forward to the time out from the daily grind to have some designated ‘me-time’. I have found it incredibly beneficial to explore new arts and crafts I haven’t tried before, to meet and share tips with other creative people, and to relax in a calm positive environment. As a result I have been inspired with a multitude of new ideas for my own work and my passion for art has been restored.”
— Leanne

It’s the first time I’ve drawn in 30-years. I enjoyed it, the more you do it the more confident you feel.
— Male, 40

You think you are getting yourself tapped in to what’s going on in Cornwall, then your friend tells you all about this. Sheer awesomeness.
— Kirsty, Mum

It has been a great experience (and lots of fun!) At first I was hesitant to take part, as I don’t consider myself a creative person. But once you go for it it’s difficult to stop! Once everyone took part and they bring their contribution, the result proves to be a very freeing experience and beautiful piece of art!
— Aurora, Mum

I came in not feeling so great and left feeling good :)
— Female, 26
Life is generally a bit serious- this is really fun!”
— Man
I feel like I’m doing something with my life
— Chris