ColourRiot Workshops

We've offered a range of these workshops as tasters in our art room sessions and are offered as half day workshops. Keep an eye on our events page or drop us a line if you'd be interested in one of our workshops and would like to request a workshop.



Batik involves layering hot wax and vibrant dyes to create dynamic and beautiful patterns and images.

You'll learn how to use the wax melting equipment and various methods of application. And have the opportunity to experiment and explore specialised techniques and develop your imagery on a variety of paper and fabric, gaining an understanding towards how to create batiks suitable for clothing, home accessories, fine art and gifts.



A bold, colourful, intuitive painting workshop. Splash colours, pour liquid paint, build up layers upon layers of intuitive marks. Let the painting grow before your eyes, and simply embrace the joy of painting without the need for it to look a certain way. This painting workshop can be collaborative or an individual workshop, and works for all ages and ability.

"The Marah Project helped me let go of what I wanted the outcome to be. It helped me enjoy the process of painting rather than having the outcomer in mind. I was freed to enjoy the process of doing it and putting colour on canvas." - Art Room Participant



Love beautiful patterned paper? Learn different marbling methods (Sumingashi & Ebru) to produce your own eye catching designs, each one unique.

Your marbled paper can be used in scrapbooking, card making, invites, and personalising journal, which can make appearances in our other workshops.



Our papermaking workshop is designed to be an introductory workshop suitable for absolute beginners and those wanting to create a stash of papers for projects.

You'll get the opportunity to make pulp, use the paper deckel moulds to form your sheets and explore other creative possibilities to customise your papers.



We offer lino printing and polystyrene printing, particularly good for children.

Create your own bespoke design which can be printed to labels, papers and cards to name a few. You'll learn the fundamentals of preparing your design, carving the lino or polystyrene inking and of course printing. You can experiment with multi-coloured printing to simple monotone prints.



Experiment twisting, bunching, folding, binidng and stitching fabric before immersing your creations into dye to create beautifully intricate