Our workshops can be tuned to suit young children (aged 6+), teenagers through to adults.

We also offer tailored day packages or a workshop series for schools encouraging exploration, voice and freedom in creativity, and for churches exploring, interpreting and strengthening your faith through your creativity.


Embrace the 'out of control' element of marbling as you watch & respond to the dance of colours on the surface of the water making delicate and bold prints for both fabric & paper.

Marah Project

Loosen up & begin to lose the inner critic. Reclaim your voice Through a series of guided workshops tailored to your leading to either group piece or individual artwork.



Welcome the unexpected moments as you layer hot wax and dye to create your dynamic or intricate patterns and images on both fabric or paper. 


Supersize art! We help bring your ideas to life through a series of workshops through to painting the wall or introduce you to our tried & tested flexible designs for your group.